Principals of Good Parenting is Not Rocket Science! Learn them now!

Being a parent is a responsibility that one should be prepared to undertake with due diligence. For you to cope with the ever-changing demands and challenges of your kids, every parent needs to adapt and evolve daily. There is no norm presumed to be an approach working for a long duration. For good parenting, one needs to blend listening, understanding, and patience to a child.

Here are some principals of good parenting everyone should know.

  1. Be a Role Model

You are constantly studied and observed by your children. Young children are very sensitive about their surroundings, specifically what their parents do. So, it is important to understand that your actions have a loud impact in shaping your children’s conduct than what you tell them. Your kid will act and react towards other children in a similar way to how they see you interact.

Be the first person you want your children to emulate.

  • You must be a ‘Hands-On Parent’

Your children need a lot of determination and sacrifice from your end. You need to be both mentally and physically present for your young ones. Schedule time to sit with them and observe what they do and provide proper guidance where necessary. Before they do what is required of them, be on the front line and start them off.

  • Establish Rules and be Consistent on them

It is important to know that obedience for rules that you set in your house for the children leads in adhering to institutional or social demands. Your children’s misconduct is an exhibition of your parenting ability. So, let your rules be predictable and vary them not irrespective of the circumstance.

  • Be Objective in Executing Discipline

Avoid corporal punishment at all costs! The disciplinary measure you apply shapes how your kids will react to their offenders. Slapping or hitting elicits aggression which breeds a ‘bully’ personality to a solution of disputes in your children. You can discipline through denial of privileges, giving a time-out, or reassigning a task not accomplished but under strict regulations.

  • Be respectful to your child

Your children will show respect towards you based on the dignity with which you handle them. Show your children that their opinion counts. Be polite while speaking to them and pay attention when they are addressing you. As a parent, show kindness and appreciate their attempt in handling a task. This will make your children learn to appreciate others too.

  • Your Parenting should be Dynamic to Child’s Need.

Show the difference in handling your child, bearing in mind that they are evolving and developing with age. Your toddler needs you in learning good habits and following instructions. As the child grows, you should be his confidant and provide guidance. Be sensitive to your child’s health and wellbeing.

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