In this article we are going to outline the tips of good parenting, parenting the teenagers which may be very difficult, parenting styles and parenting during the endemic of covid 19.


This is the most fulfilling, rough task that finds most parents unprepared for.

Here are some of the tips;

Boosting your child’s self esteem¦ this is done by allowing the child to do things he or she can manage on his own. Avoid comparing your children to others and you should always complement the child as it also helps to nurture. Avoid abusive or loaded statements on the child such as “ you are stupid “ Instead you may encourage that “ you are brave, child “.

Make time for your kids; This can be through playing cards, making popcorn and eating together when available. You can also put small notes on their school lunch box to express your love and the kids w Joill remember.

Show your love is unconditional ; A parent is responsible for correcting and guiding your children but this should be done in a right manner. Always encourage the child that he  can do better, confront the child when doing wrong so that he can be able to differentiate between what’s right/wrong. Avoid blaming, criticising  or fault finding. Make sure they know your love is unconditional and that as a parent you expect better.


Parenting teenagers is the worst parenting period for most parents. These are the times when you should expect rejection . Always be there for your teen, always provide a listening ear.    You can also pray that God guides you,,,, it helps a lot.

You should maintain your stress levels understand that the teenagers is not well developed to think like an adult. You should establish rules, boundaries and favourable punishment that will not ruin the relationship between you and your teen.

Always remember they still need your love, care, love and affection.                   


These are strategies parents should use while raising their children.

  • There are four Baumrind parenting styles.
  • Authoritarian ; Here parents are strict to the children with little negotiation and the rules come from parents to child and must be adhered to. There is usually high expectations.
  • Permissive; In this case the children do what they want to do without the parents guides and rules. The children are allowed to do what they want and there is common communication and minimal expectations
  • Uninvolved : There is no particular discipline and the child does what he wishes without information and care.
  • Authoritative: Discipline rules are clearly stated with reasons behind them, goals and expectations are high and both the parent and the child work on achieving.


Parents have been with the children since the start of the covid 19,due to the closer of the school. As parent, you should take care of your children during the pandemic and ensure safety measures are undertaken;

Wearing of masks while leaving, arrange the children into a certain schedule time for reading and also duty roles to be followed meticulously hence keeping the children busy. Ensure they wash hands with the alcoholic based sanitizer. Teach the children respiratory etiquette for example coughing into a flexed elbow.

I hope these tips are going to help you be a better parent.

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