Raising children to become successful and responsible

Raising children to become successful and responsible is not an easy task. However, it’s not impossible when you have the tips. Below are applicable suggestions on how you can raise your children in various stages to be successful people in future. These tips are applicable to both male and female children.


Though not yet born, the fetus is a living organism and requires attention and care. You can help improve growth and development of your un-born baby by giving him/her attention, it’s true that being unborn, you spent all your time with him/her.

However, the fetus needs your attention, talk to him, read stories and try to touch him/ her.

By this, the bay will feel loved and this will play a major role in development and growth and positively influence the character of his/her future life.


After the baby is born it still needs parents’ attention and care. Do not assume that since they can’t talk, they can’t understand. Talk to them, play with them and tell them stories. This calculates in them the urge to be good listeners and obedient people even when they grow up.

Pre-teens and teenagers.

Most parents view teenage hood period as the most challenging period to provide parenting. But this does not have to be so. When from an early age you instill moral values to your children, you have a better chance to raise successful children.

How to succeed in parenting.

In all stages, spending time, communicating and showing love by word and deed are essential keys of good parenthood. Although during the teenage period they seem preserved with parents and open to peers, than during the younger stages of development, they can open up if from a tender age you had good communication.

Another key feature is developing a strong bond to your child as a parent from a very young age. Give your children the attention they need and in case they have any concerns, you will be the first person they want to talk to.

When children are given the proper guidance from the early stages, they become reliable members of the society. They turn out to be resilient people who don’t easily give in to negative peer pressure or social media influence.

Be the mom that your daughter/son will be proud of and people will be telling their children to imitate your child. Strengthen the bond with your child communicate and show love.

it is possible to be such a proud pair.

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