Tips which can help you fulfill your role in good parenting

Remember the first time you held your newborn baby? Definitely you rejoiced for having that bundle of joy. You longed to protect and guide that infant as you watch his/her progress in growth and maturity. Indeed you longed to be a good parent and up to date you do all you can to be the best parent. But what is good parenting?

Below are tips which can help you fulfill your role in good parenting.


Good communication between a mother and children is an essential feature of upbringing. Let them know what they should do and what they should not do and the reasons why they shouldn’t do it.

This is important because young ones tend to be easily corrupted by misinformation about morals from their peers and even by social media, but if they have been getting information from their parents, they become wise and are likely going to decide based on knowledge acquired from parents and not peer influence.

As you talk to your dear young ones, it is important to listen to them, let your child open their hearts to you and tell you their feelings and concerns so that you can guide them properly.

Spend time with your child

Spending as much time as possible with your child will strengthen a mother-daughter bond. That bond is crucial for it will ensure smooth communication. The child will be free to talk to you about anything for they are aware that mom is always here for us.

You can have a good time together, for example watch a movie, paly or read a book together.

The picture below illustrates how children enjoy spending time with their mothers.

Show them that you love them.

Children need to be showed love for them to develop properly. Research indicates that children who are showed love tend to be more responsible, caring and confident when they grow up.

However, just saying “I love you” is not enough. You need to show love to the chicken by word and deed. Do to them everything you would have wanted done to you provided it doesn’t spoil them.

Start from an early stage.

Communicating, spending time and showing love doesn’t have to wait

until the child is 9years, 5years or two years. It actually should start during pregnancy.

At that stage, the baby’s senses are developed and can understand when being loved.

If this is how a parent rejoices communicating to the unborn baby, imagine how excited the baby is.

The discussed tips for parenting apply to upbringing of both sons and daughters..

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