Six Habits of Highly Effective Parents

Parents, whether good or bad, play a vital role in the life of their children. From the moment that a child is born, another human being is responsible for them and how this person raises and treats the child can either make or break them. What they do for themselves also affects the child.

What is effective parenting?

Effective parenting is the raising of one’s children in a specific way that is sure to bring out desired outcomes by the parent. Sad to say but sometimes what a parent may think to be working effectively may be causing harm to their child without knowing. An effective parent is, therefore, one who not only works towards bettering their child but themselves as well.

How to be an effective parent

For one to be an effective parent, they need to know what they expect of their child, what their child is able to achieve, whether or not their child can be pushed and encouraged to achieve more and, the overall wellbeing of their child having considered all of these factors. As well, discipline, especially on the side of the parent, is crucial to maintain and sustain effectiveness.

What effective parents do.

1)They enforce rules.

This helps a child to have guidance as to what to do when to do it, how to behave, and, why.

2)They remain flexible.

A child has many needs and what a parent may think to be the problem could actually be a solution. Parents should, therefore, be able to adjust different things to meet their children halfway.

3)They talk to their children.

This does not mean the mere exchange of pleasantries in the form of greetings and goodbyes. No. It is the deliberate allocation of time to listen to them and take a keen interest in their schoolwork, friendships, dislikes and, hobbies.

4)They read to their kids.

This is done in an effort to communicate with them and associate in their world of imagination and creativity.

5)Spend time with their children

This is done by engaging the children in fun activities that they like or even doing something that the parent likes. Many institutions have tags such as, “bring your child to work day” or “bring your parent to school day”.

6)They love their children unconditionally.

In all circumstances, no matter the outcome, effective parents have it as a habit that they will never stop loving their children.

The consequences of effective parenting

The children are able to function on their own and not need their parents as much. They are independent people and can be trusted with tasks around the home which they are ready to take on and prove that they are reliable.

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