Women Venturing in Male Dominated sector

Women have for long time been left out of certain positions because of stereotype,But things change when they are assigned to these task since they employ all their efforts to ensure good results is produced.

Currently many women have dominated most sectors that was thought to be for men thus reducing male superiority complex.women have emerged the best in leadership positions they hold.

Lately even men have voted in women in some top positions and even seek advice from them due to leadership skills they portray since they serve for longer years unlike men who get layedoff  in their first month at work.Examples of women shining in these sectors include;

Charity Kaluki Ngilu

This is a kenyan politician and Presently serving as the Elected Governor for Kitui county,A position she vied amidst of all the challenges from her male counterparts who were eyeing the same position.

After vigorous campaigns allover Kitui she emerged victorious beating his number two with a big margins.Charity is one of the women who have demonstrated good leadership qualities with no records of funds embezzlement.

Kitui is the only county producing Covid 19 equipments such as mask under her leadership.She is a responsible mother and wife to Michael Mwendwa.She is the leader for National Rainbow Party.

Ngilu has held several positions in the government latest one being minister for lands,Housing and urban development ,this was before she was elected to represent kitui gubanatorial .As a minister for lands,Charity experienced lots of challenges but she did not tire to work for the people of kenya.

Other positions she has held include;being minister for Health and minister for water and irrigation respectively.She is not a woman who can be easily swayed becouse she is firm to her decisions.

Joyce Gituro

This is a woman excelling in the field of media.She is a media personality who has excelled  in this industry and according to many employees who have heard an opportunity to work under her,she is the best Boss ever.many people have nick named her as Queen of airwaves.

People started to listen to her voice in Radio long time ago and she still shines to date.she has been head of many Radio stations in Kenya amongst them being Radio citizen fm under the management of Royal media Services and Milele fm one of the radio stations owned by media max.

She decided to resign and leave media max due to some misunderstanding,Due to these challenges she quit leadership position in radio and now Runs a program called ‘sema na J Gituro’in her social media platforms,also he host ‘injili jumapili’ on Sunday in Radio Jambo.

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