Women who progressed through enterprenuership

In the ancient world women were seen as inferior and were never allowed to carry out certain task in society.Their work was to sit down ,remain back at home and perform other household chores as washing clothes,cooking and giving birth as their male counterpart go to work and do businesses.

Today,things have changed with women being given equal opportunity and have freedom to work and engage in sole proprietorship businesses.This has seen many women excel in enterprenuership.Some women who have progressed in this field include;

Esther Akoth

She is popularly known as Akothee.When this name is mentioned one would think of madam Boss or President of single women as  she always refer to herself.Most people don’t know the side hustle of this beauty and captivating woman.

Besides music Akothee also owns other lucrative businesses and this has seen her appear in the list of richest celebrities in Kenya.Being a brand herself she extract good business from other famous people from fellow musicians and politicians;this gives her good money.She is the founder of Akothee safaris,This is a tour company operating mostly in the coastal region,Akothee foundation,Aknotela and she seldomly runs Akothee homes which is a real estate business.

Through,Akothee foundation she has managed to help the less privilaged in Turkana during drought and  this has sustained them for sometime,Nevertheless she also owns a 5star hotel in the coastal city Diani.Many people have linked her from getting money from her baby daddies but don’t know her struggles,she is a kind of woman who work hard.She never rests until she achieve what she desires.

Wambui Wamae Kamiru

This woman came to limelight when his late husband Bob Collymore passed on.She is a widow but she has never given up in life since the time she faced divorce with his first husband.She is the woman behind Art space,an online gallery.Kamiru is passionate about Art and she has done it for some time now.She is a kind of woman who doesn’t allow other problems to bring her down,No matter what she is always true to herself.

Wambui is the only woman who runs an online Art gallery because she understands it more than anybody else.She enjoys what she does and she has participated in several exhibitions such as public Art,Group exhibitions and solo which she does singlehandedly;some of this exhibitions include Wakariru-one-off contemporary Art.She has achieved a lot through this making her more delighted and alluring.She is filled with kindness and compassion,this makes her exceptional.

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