Earlier on,women leadership has been looked down upon.Women were assumed to the inferior by the society especially when it comes to leadership.Gender bias has been the way since ages and now change has been made as women are the leaders people are looking for.There are various leadership lessons men can learn from women.

Various women have emerged successful in their fields including marketing,politics,administration and health sector.

Gender differences have occured in the past and fixing them now the gap has been filled.In Kenya,many successful people are women including various ministers,CEOs,directors,etc.Some of the successful people include;Governor Anne Waiguru,Amina Mohammed,Mary Barra,CEO of general motors and Abigail Johnson.

Various leadership lessons men can learn from women

  1. Situational understanding-women possess a great trait of situational understanding.They care about people and situations at hand.They always have patience in speaking and understanding human emotions.That guides them in dealing with issues and fixing them.
  2. Initiative-Women are perceived to be effective when it comes to taking initiative.Effective leaders need the ability to see what needs to be done.
  3. Patience -Men have been known to tackle their problems immediately with the solution at hand.However,strategy has been foreseen in women as they await various solutions and see which is the best for the betterment of the company and society at large.In leadership,patience is a great skill one needs to be able to deal with problems that may arise.
  4. Flexibility in perspective change-Some of the effective female leaders i have encountered have shown flexibility in perspective change.This lays a firm foundation for effective communication in and out of the company.
  5. Persistence -Women have been known for their persistence trait and it’s something men should learn from them.
  6. Ability to understand empathy-Women often don’t command their employees and its critical for progress.This trait creates a frame for future conversations based on the person you are talking to.

Other leadership lessons men can learn from women include;

  • Natural intuition
  • Focus on elevating others
  • Put your people ahead of yourself
  • Motivate through transformation
  • Know your limitations


There are various lessons that men should learn from women.This doesn’t mean that men don’t have good traits but men are different from women both positively and negatively.Both men and women possess good qualities.The emphasis was on women and their evident character.Men have the obligation of learning from women and also men have the duty to show women the right for the brighter future and advancement of all areas.

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