What you didn’t know about women entertainment in Kenya.

Women entertainment in Kenya has been one of the most underrated industries in the country. Many times we recognize the likes of Edi Gathegi and Benjamin Onyango who have successfully made it to Broadway, forgetting the faces of the beautiful ladies that have shaped the entertainment industry as well.

Setting the stage.

It is just mind blowing that a number of people have absolutely no idea of the struggles that some of these women had to undergo for them to even get a glimmer of the spotlight. Everyone always wants the perfected side, the flawless side. Not remembering that the refining season is what got most of them there

We have artists like Linet Munyali, better known as Size 8, who has explained before in an interview that for her to get her first ever track on air, she had to constantly plead with the radio host outside the broadcasting center. How ironic right? To even imagine that some of these artists ever had a hard time with the quality of entertainment they give right now.

The becoming.

After a while, most of these women had their big break in the industry. Lupita Nyong’o won her first ever Oscar  and many other awards  followed after. It was during this time that Kenyans started paying attention to her work and her lifestyle and most definitely her love life. Rumors even had it that she and Michael Jordan were dating.

 However, as much as they would make a cute couple, this wasn’t true. What a relief it brought to all the ladies out there. Akothee is also one of the artists making a statement in the country. With her music and fierce personality being the bees knees in town, the amount of success she has amounted is simply undoubtable.

Behind the scenes.

As much as the paparazzi are always on their necks trying to rob them of their privacy, they absolutely find their way to spend time with their loved ones and conduct their hobbies. Akothee for one spends  her spare time at Rongo spa which is her mansion, but also a getaway from her busy schedule.

Other several artists such as Vera Sidika or Huddah Monroe fancy spending their free time outside the country at top notch hotels with designer outfits that are to die for. Their Instagram posts of them out on vacation have not only left us mouth agape but also wishing every single aspect of our lives was perfect just like theirs.

The perks of women entertainment in Kenya

Apart from some of these women being downgraded by their fellow women and men too. These women have gone through hell. With the thinking of  many Kenyans being backward still on women being in the entertainment business, then most of these shining gems tend to succumb to such. However, most of these women have gotten tough skin from all these.

Sexual harassment has been normalized nowadays so much that some of these women in the industry fear speaking out as they will be shamed for it. However, we have great examples like Betty Kyalo who raise their voices on such matters so as to benefit tons of girls. Same to Victoria Rubadiri whose life story has given so much hope to several other girls.


Evidently, women entertainment in Kenya is really blossoming and many other potential artists are coming up. However, we should give them all the love and support that they require in order for them to get room to grow.

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