How to win back your ex.

Well hey there girl, I know you miss your ex, he is the love of your life, or let’s say he is the one you look to spending your future with. Having an ex can be a very difficult and painful process for anyone, especially you as a lady. But you don’t have to worry anymore, you don’t have to cry endlessly and feel bad because this article got your back. Here are some tips to win back that ex.

  1. Give your partner actual space

I know that this may be hard, but actually it’s very important. If you are not willing to respect the fact that your ex-boyfriend may need some space then you are not off to a good start to making them want you again. However, break the silence when you feel like you have more clarity about your past relationship. Text them only when you feel you miss them for the right reasons.

  • It’s not a competition.

Please avoid the mindset of winning over a person. This has been said by relationship experts more than once. It is quite unhealthy to think about winning back your ex-boyfriend as thought it was the same way as winning a basketball game. Do not see your reconciliation as anything other than a combination of mutual growth and effort, this is unhealthy.

  • Do not badmouth your ex.

You feel so bad and need to vent it out to your best friend. You can be hurt without saying all those bad words about him, I mean put yourself in his shoes, would you love it if someone went ahead and told their friend’s bad things about you? Probably not, that is why if you want to get that man back you should not spread bad gossip about him.

  •  Make some changes in your life to see if he fits in it.

Well, you might be feeling bored on Friday night with no one to go out with, and probably all your friends are out with their boyfriends. But try loving yourself again, make yourself happy, be the reason to your happiness without a man and self-evaluate, it is only when you are enough for yourself, that you can allow someone else, especially that ex in.

  • Check if some of your issues can be fixed.

I know you miss him, probably so much. But what broke you two apart? If it is something like he had to move to another town for work, or you moved then that can be mended if you are willing to listen to each other and work it out. But if the problem is bigger like one of you wanting to have kids and the other not wanting to? Then it may not be worth it.

  • Just approach them, do not overthink it.

Overthinking can make you feel anxious, and worried for no reason. Well, just keep it simple and be honest with him, tell him how you miss, and how you feel. You might ask if he wants to hang out sometimes, and he might say yes you know. After all, you want to be back together.

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