5 Fashion Tips all Girls Should Know

Do you want to be stylish, but you don’t know how to start? These fashion tips will help you get a head start in the game without fear. These are universally acknowledged tips that every fashion icon and their stylists use and rely on from time to time. This article focuses on the fashion tips all girls should know about.

5 Fashion Tips all Girls Should Know

You want to look classy, trendy, and stylish; but you don’t know how to do it? You don’t have to worry, since you can still achieve your ideal style. To be stylish you need to be creative and willing to follow some fashion rules. The result will be confidence, heads turning, and a great sense of self-worth.

Here are a few useful tips to get you by.

Know the Color wheel

Every piece of clothing, shoes, or accessory comes with a specific color. How you don these colors determines how well you look. The color wheel is designed to help you with that. It’s a wheel composed of primary, secondary, and tertiary colors placed side by side.

If you want your clothes to match, you can pick colors adjacent to each other on the wheel. Complimentary colors can be found on opposite sides of the wheel. To master how to use colors, you have to master the wheel.

Show Skin like a Pro

How you show your skin determines how stylish you look and how people perceive you. As a principle, you have to decide how much skin you intend to show. You also need to have a firm understanding of what to show and what not to.

To look elegant, decide whether to show the upper part of your body or the lower. Always pick one, whether it’s the cleavage, arms, tummy, or legs. Pick one part to show and do it well.

Own Classic Attire

Nothing works better for your fashion lifestyle than a few classic designs. Some outfits never go out of style. Year in and year out, these designs maintain their allure and classic feel. They include trench coats, denim jackets, and leather.

You will always take the classic feel with you every time you wear these clothes. However, these clothes should only be worn periodically, once in a while.

Don’t Fear Colors

You will find fashion daunting if you have a fear of color. If you can overcome that fear, then fashion will be a smooth ride for you. Always try out different colors that either complements your primary look or match it.

One way to overcome this fear of color is to master and understand the color wheel. The wheel is like a formula that can be used to help select and put on clothes of different colors. It helps take away the awkwardness of misplaced and overused colors.

Don’t Match your Clothes Always

Traditionally, matching color was a good idea. However, times have changed and people have become more creative and daring. You should be one of them. Match clothes if you want, however, don’t always do that every day.

Utilize the color wheel and start experimenting with different shades and hues. Be free, after all its fashion, not prison.

Fashion is a good way to express yourself. However, just like all forms of expression, it requires skill to do it well. Remember to always have some classic attire with you, master the color wheel, don’t always match your clothes, and tactfully show your skin. Lastly, don’t fear those colors.

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