Doubts about Makeup Topics you Should Clarify


Makeup is a confidence booster and it’s good to understand how you should apply it. Truly, there are several products you can successfully put on though they must be applied strategically. It’s used as a beauty aid to help build up the confidence of an individual. Others used it as they want to stay younger and attractive. Here we will discuss more makeup topics. Welcome on the board!

The Purpose of Makeup

People began using makeup over many years back and today it has become common to different genders more so females. They can take more than an hour to apply to their faces. As a part of daily life and routine, most people use makeup to improve their physical appearance.

Types of Makeups

  • Silicone-based makeup- provides a smooth and uniform skin
  • Mineral makeup- this makeup has no oil or any additives. It’s a high-quality makeup which is available and affordable in the market.
  • Powder-based makeup- It gives an impeccable coverage that does not clog on the skin. It’s applied by moistening the skin so that to avoid skin cakey.
  • Water-based makeup- provides a natural look to the face and also gives medium coverage with a natural look.

Benefits of Different Types of Makeups

  • Makes you look beautiful and radiant
  • Makes you look stronger
  • Increases face value
  • Boots your confidence

How to Apply the Makeups

Step 1: Moisturizer- For anyone to apply the makeup, you need to prepare your skin first more so with the best moisturizer such as serums, lotions, creams, oils, and the face mists. To apply the moisturizer well, pour a small amount of it on your figures, start spreading it on your face.

Step 2: Primer- this is a gel that pores on the face and smoothing for your makeups.

Step 3: Liquid Foundation- This all about finding the correct shade for your skin.

Step 4: Concealer- helps to reduce the appearance of darkness under eye circle.

Step 5: Powder- here you need to place your brush into pores for a smoother texture.

Step 6: Highlighter- it comes in a variety of forms such as powder and liquid

Step 7: Mascara- the best color to apply is between the black and the brown

Step 8: Lip gloss- begin applying the lips gloss from the center along the length of the pout

Step 9: Setting spray –it is the final touch on the makeup.


Therefore, makeup comes with different views and it’s really popular and very important since it brings history back.

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