Leadership lessons men can learn from women, How to be a successful woman leader, Features that define women leadership.

When you find yourself in a position of power and that seemingly way beyond your strength, but not to yourself but to those you lead, there comes a tendency to work tirelessly and continuously to win, not only to prove to you what you could do, but to leave a confidence to your followers that you can really do it. To lead as a woman and that generally goes all round to being over some men in decision making, requires a self confidence, and a quality that would have masses look to you as their role model.

Becoming successful would mean working on something that you are already in. You are a Woman and certain responsibilities have been entrusted you, whichever kind they be, yet they remain as such! You have to have what it takes if you would maintain the responsibility or leave a legacy behind. It applies to what role you may be assigned, from leading the church choir to the presiding a board of directors. There are three ways to make you that successful woman leader.

Firstly, you should have a heart for the people. You would never progress if you don’t like what you do. Having your efforts bend to suit your followers requires getting involved with them to know their wants and their needs. Reaching out to them would only be possible if you think about them and therefore knowing what specifically to do and at what time, for them.

Knowing your worth follows thereafter. Someone said that the water in a certain vessel, can never rise beyond it, it would only be held within the body of the vessel! The same would apply for a woman leader. This is so much so when you have to contain within you materials more of yourself but rather others better suited than yourself, in a way. To stand up therefore requires a boldness that would in no other way be made than streaming right from within you.

Thirdly, you must get involved. There always is a tendency of delegation, which way goes beyond what that should really be. Some things would better be done with your presence. You have heard the phrase, “monkey see, monkey do!” , it would surprise you what you would achieve, with your presence. To do this, it would take you to plan wisely on working on yourself to keep you fit to work with others.

Leading has never been easy and never will, neither will leading successfully. It therefore requires you to present what you really are to the service of others.

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