Six Traits of Great Women Leaders

An individual’s attributes such as integrity, courage and determination should be the factors considered when determining leadership abilities rather than gender. Women, like men, are equally qualified to lead. However, men seem to be more confident and take more prominent positions in leadership. Be that as it may, we cannot deny the abilities and potential demonstrated by women leaders.

This article focuses on six traits that make for great women leaders.

  1. Effective Communication

Effective communication occurs when a message is sent and received accurately. Proper communication distinguishes good leaders from great ones. Great women leaders are, therefore, able to communicate effectively since this enables the teams they avoid confusion and allows for clarity in assigning responsibilities and executing roles.

  • Active Listening

Women repeatedly have to prove themselves more than their male counterparts. Active listening comes in handy for any woman leader since it not only improves productivity but also increases their ability to influence. Better still, active listening enables these women leaders to persuade and negotiate more effectively since they are slow to react and instead take time to understand a person’s point of view.

  • Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence is a critical ability that every leader should have. Because women have a higher capacity to recognize emotions in themselves and others and relate, they can create a suitable environment for the workers and get the best out of their employees. The ability to relate with team members makes for very effective women leaders.

  • Resilience

Women in leadership often face challenges that men never will such as pregnancy which has the potential to ruin momentum in the workplace. They, however, demonstrate resilience and gracefully go through these seasons in an almost seamless way. They are quick to bounce back whenever faced by challenges making things look effortless.  Their resilience also enables their teams to navigate times of distress at work.

  • Teamwork
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Women leaders often demonstrate enthusiasm, passion and ability to serve and to be served by others. They make bold decisions that will need others as part of their teams. Women leaders bring out an environment that is family-like, less authoritarian and more cooperative but with stable leadership giving the team ground to blossom.

  • Adaptability

Women leaders face a constantly evolving set of demands in their particular fields. They not only have to be confident and creative, but also adaptable to weather any changes thrown their way. This way, they can avert irrecoverable damages through timely responses and use these changes to their advantage by mobilizing the teams and coming up with new solutions and strategies.

While we still have a long way to go in closing the gender gap, better and more effective women leaders aid this process by demonstrating that like men, women can deliver when given a chance. History has surely proven that some of the best and most influential leaders are women.

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