All you need to know about parenting styles

As your child matures their thinking and challenges evolve accordingly. Your approach as a parent should be firm, loving, and consistent. Among the interesting things about parenting is that there is a vast disparity in how children are raised. Your parenting style should support healthy growth and development because how you discipline and interact with your child affects her life at large.

The different styles of parenting are categorized in:

  • Permissive
  • Authoritarian
  • Uninvolved
  • Authoritative


Do you set rules and barely enforce them or you have no rules?

Do you think your child will learn the best with minimal interference from you?

Do you rarely enact consequences?

If you affirm these questions, then you are a permissive parent. Communication is two-way but they let children make a decision for themselves rather than giving direction. These parents are more of friends than parents. They let their children do as they wish and offer slight guidance. They are tolerant and forgiving.


Do you ask about your child about homework or school?

Do you spend time with your child?

Do you know where your child is if not in the house?

If you negate all these questions, then you are an uninvolved parent. These parents give children a great deal of freedom and stay out of their way. Communication between parent and child is limited and they offer little nurturing. They have minimal knowledge about what their children are doing.


Do you place much effort to generate and maintain a positive relationship with your child?

Do you expound the reasons behind your rules?

Do you impose rules and give consequences, but take your child’s emotion into consideration?

If you affirm all these questions, then you are an authoritative parent. These parents are nurturing and reasonable. Communication is constant to the child’s level of understanding. Disciplinary rules are clear with clarified explanations. This style of parenting is the most favorable to children.


Do you solely focus on your child’s obedience?

Do you use a strict discipline style with minimal negotiation?

Do you use punishments as a consequence?

If you affirm all these questions, then you are an authoritarian parent. Communication is primarily one way i.e. from parent a to child with limited explanation. They ply a strict discipline style with negligible negotiation. They also set a high expectation with restricted flexibility. They fail to put their child’s emotions into consideration.

The bottom line is that you should help your child learn through experience and encourage them to make an effort to be a better person each day. Ultimately, there is no right way to raise a child you simply just do your best, trust yourself, pray for guidance from God and enjoy the company of a little one in your life.

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