Poor parenting?Ever heard of it? Well,i know this sounds funny since you’ll always defend yourself by saying proudly that you love your kids so much and wish them well.You can never agree that you are a bad parent.How even will you realise that? Parents sometimes engage in certain detrimental parenting, leaving a very huge effect on the child.

This article discusses comprehensively all you need to know about poor parenting.

What is poor parenting?

Most parents never realize that they are bringing up their children in an irresponsible manner.It can only be noted when engaging in certain behaviors that bring harm to your child.Be it intentional or unintentional, as long as it brings harm to a child,you have engaged in poor parenting.

Poor parenting signs

You can never be right as a parent.Watch out these signs and ask yourself if you’ve ever practiced any of the below;

Do you punish a child even when he/she doesn’t tell lies?

I mean,a child has committed an offence and has accepted the mistake,does it make sense still flogging the child?You will surely agree with me that the more you punish the child,the more you encourage him/her to be telling lies all the days of her/his life.

Abusing a child infront of friends.This lowers a child’s self esteem and can have a long-term effect such as psychological disorders.If you have to abuse or even flog a child, though not necessary, always remember to do it privately.

Failure to offer your child support.This support could be financially or morally.For instance,a child may require some finance to buy something of interest but what you do is shouting at him/her and taking her request as waste of money.That’s bad parenting sign you’ll ever show.

Never appreciating your child’s effort.Be proud of your child to avoid engaging in poor parenting.Reward work well done and even offer words of encouragement.That way you’ll have a better child who works harder not only to be motivated but also to make you proud too.

Making comparisons between your child and others.This is another poor parenting sign.Make your child always realize that she/he is the best.Encourage work well done and advise according for any wrongdoing but never ever tell him/her how other children are better than him/her.

Failure to be a good role model which makes your child learn from your behaviour and hence exhibit some undesirable practices which includes irresponsible sexual behaviour and drug abuse.

What are some of the effects of poor parenting?

The list is endless with some of the effects being;

1.It causes psychological disorders.

2.Causes difficulty in making friends.

3.Leads to criminal behaviours such as stealing to solve their needs.

4.Sexual abuse.

5.Poor performance in school since they may be depressed and have low self-esteem.

How can one be a good parent?

As you have read above,poor parenting brings about a lot of negative effects to a child.It is your reasonability therefore to engage in proper parenting by following the tips below;

Never shout,flog or abuse a child  in public.This habit is so discouraging.Make a child have a reason to smile at your tender care.Overshouting can make a child grow having in mind that shouting in public isn’t that bad.

Be proud of your child.Congratulate them for work well done and motivate them.

mom and baby playing

For example,you can buy them new clothes, books or even take them out for dinner.That will promote a good relationship between you and your child.

Support your chid always.Don’t let your child’s lack of something engage him/her in unacceptable behaviour.We’ve seen cases where young girls are abused sexually in exchange for money.I think you won’t like this to happen to your kid.

Give your child freedom.Allow your child to make choices.You giving all the choices makes a child sense some sort of dictatorship.Listen to them and accord the respect.That way they’ll respect not only you but other members in the community in return.

Be a good role model.

A child learns from your behaviour.It is therefore prudent to always exhibit the best behaviour while with your child.Good morals starts with you and if you fail,your child has failed too.Don’t let your bad behaviour destroy your child and his/het entire generation.

In conclusion,poor parenting has got more negative effects of which some are long-term.It is your responsibility as a parent to bring up your child in a manner that is acceptable in the society.Check out your up-bringing mistakes you’ve done in the past and rectify them for the good of your child.

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