Tips for good parenting during COVID 19

Parenting during this COVID 19 pandemic has proved to be quite a challenge to several parents. Some are stressed out with the unfolding events and behaviors of their children. This article on tips to help you on parenting during COVID 19. As a parent, this should be the right time to raise your children into being responsible. 

The home as of today has become the office, classroom, and gym. Families are now confined within their houses. Parents have to oversee everything that is happening in the house. From monitoring their child’s behavior to schooling them while working. This is much for any parent but here are tips to help you keep it together while parenting.

Talk about the COVID 19 pandemic

As a parent, you should be willing to talk. Children hear a lot but they value their parent’s word. Silence will not protect them. Be honest with them. Find out how much they know. Try to clarify and explain to them the truth of what is happening. They will feel safer when they know. Explain to them the health measures put in place and teach them yourself.

Keep your children safe online

The majority of teens are now spending more time online. It is the only platform for interaction with their peers. However, they are exposed to risks and dangers such as cyberbullying and harmful content. Be careful as a parent to notice signs of distress like withdrawal or obsession. Support your children when they become victims.

Addressing bad behavior

Children misbehave most of the time especially when they are hungry, tired, or afraid. They at times really annoying but you need to keep calm. Screaming and hitting them only scares them more. They develop more fear or become liars to avoid punishments. Children need to be disciplined and consequences will help learn responsibilities.

Monitor your child’s behavior to notice changes and redirect them. Try to praise your child for being disciplined. They will want to do better. Besides who doesn’t like positive and genuine praise from persons you hold dear.

Parenting children with disabilities

All children need love. Be supportive of a child with a disability. Make them feel accepted. Get in touch with people who understand your situation. It relieves when you get support. Remember to praise their abilities and not disability. Encourage your child to try new things and listen to their opinions. You might help your child discover new talents.

Parent your teen with an understanding

Quite a number of parents seem to have some trouble with their teens. What many don’t know is that teens yarn for their parent’s support and understanding. They are at a stage where they value friendship and trying new things on their own. They have decisions to make but they are not sure of them.

As a parent, you should plan to spend more time with your teen during this pandemic. They too get stressed. Allow them to talk freely to you. Some of their stresses are actually problems you can handle. Help them to understand themselves.

Being a parent needs flexibility in how you handle your children. Try to understand them from their own perspective before your judgments. Establish free communication channels. It’s a crucial way of understanding them better.

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