Active Women in The Entertainment Industry

Women in the entertainment industry have influenced the lives of many people in different ways. In Kenya, we have personalities in different fields that have proved women fit to hold positions in this industry by inspiring the people and especially the youths. All fields in the entertainment industry have been represented by several women. These fields include;

Women celebrity gossip

These are the main famous women in the entertainment industry that have a unique feature in them likely to influence people. Many have become stars in fields like music, filming, and production. Below is a look at some of women celebrities.


Esther Akoth mostly recognized as Akothee is among the top list of Kenyan celebrities. She is a musician and a businesswoman who invests in many profitable businesses. She is regarded as one of the wealthiest female celebrities in Kenya.

Lupita Nyong’o

She is a Kenyan actress and music video director which plays a vital role in the entertainment industry. She graduated with degrees in film and theatre studies. While still a student she served as a production assistant.

Women Radio presenter

Women in the entertainment industry that have served as radio presenters have impacted the lives of their listeners greatly through interaction with the young people. Women radio presenters provide entertainment and become a vital link to information. They have the power to influence people’s opinions.

Local women artists

Local artists in the entertainment industry influence people in a local society better than in a different group of people with different beliefs. This is due to similar practices that do not tend to happen in other places. Therefore, local artists have a bigger influence on the people they come across daily in society.

Tanzania celebrities popular in Kenya

As the entertainment industry continues to expand internationally, women are never left behind as many of them get attention from other countries. This mostly depends on the type of entertainment they offer to the people and to what extent they get interested in what these celebrities offer them. An example of such include;


She is a Tanzania lady whose love for music began in 2010 after recording her first three singles. She is a fast-rising star, which is one of the reasons she is getting popular in Kenya. She also loves fashion and has a store called Nandi African Prints that focus mostly on African attire.

In conclusion, women have great influence in the entertainment industry when given the opportunity. Hence, there is a need to promote and support them if we need growth and progress in the entertainment industry.

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