How to Be a Successful Women Leader: 5 Tips You Need to Learn Now

Successful women leadership is maturing through a challenging male dominant environment. A good number of female leaders are continuing to rise beyond comprehension. You too have the potential of becoming one. Here are five tips you need to learn on how to become a successful women leader.

Start Early

There is never the right time to become a leader. You grow into the right time. Julie Gichuru, a well-known African media personality started as a radio presenter before moving on to TV. Later she founded Arimus Media Limited and the fashion retail Mimi Holdings.

                                                                     Julie Gichuru – photo from classic 105

Becoming a successful women leader is not a wait and see business. You have to take action by beginning with small things. Your starting point can be bringing Chama (group) women together or meeting with other community leaders.

Some of our great women leaders today were school heads girls or prefect years ago. They rose steadily until someone noticed their capabilities or until an opportunity presented itself.


Cast Away Fear

Fear of the unknown, losing your path, or being rejected are strongholds that deter growing women leaders. Avoid being afraid of challenges that pull you back from performing.

Anne Mumbi Waiguru started as an intern in research at Transparency International. She later provided technical assistance at the public service, before moving into the treasury and the women enterprise board.

In 2011, she was a nominee of the top 40 under 40 women. She served with the world bank and the public oversight authority before becoming the Kirinyaga County Governor.

                                                                Anne Mumbi Waiguru – photo from

If she dwelt on fear, she could have shied away from climbing the leadership ladder.


Hold On to The Power of Believing

You could be familiar with the little bird story that peace laureate winner the late Wangari Maathai kept telling. By doing its part, the bird believed it could put off the raging fire.

Stand strong at the humble place where you are and keep playing your leadership part faithfully. A day will come when you shall explode and all that shall be seen is your achievements and not your failures.

Learn from Others

Many women have made it ahead of you. Take the time to learn from them. People make mistakes which are great lessons to those growing up in places of leadership.

Esther Passaris started at 23 years of age and didn’t stop. She later founded Adopt a Light which gave a new face to the Nairobi Streets and estates.

Practice, Practice

An old way of growing into perfection is practice. You will learn the pros and cons of leadership through doing. If you desire to become a leader in business, politics, media, or technology, start in your field. Time will bring you into your destined place.

Mary Okello began as a bank manager before becoming a founding member for Kenya Women Finance Trust and the Makini Group of Schools.

She kept doing what was best for her one step at a time and today she is a respected women leader.


The path of growth in women’s leadership can never stop. Motivation will produce leaders in the education sector, manufacturing, law, health, politics, and many more.  How to be a successful women leader is both an individual and corporate role. Stand out today and begin the journey. 

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