Great lessons you can learn from women celebrities in Kenya.

It comes as no surprise to see women celebrities in Kenya topping in the business sector. Combine politics and beauty, and you can get a good brand out of them. If you look closely at them, it’s all about personal and not just business. This article provides great lessons you can learn from a few women celebrities in Kenya.

Master your occupation.

Esther Passaris popularly known for her ‘adopt alight’ project has helped her maneuver the business world and this brand has helped her, even more, to maneuver in the political scene. Whether a woman celebrity or politician or aspiring to be a leader in the future, we all could learn some lessons that could be of importance in life. Below is an image of Esther Passaris who was the first lady to discover the ‘Adopt a light’.

Esther Passaris didn’t start as the most powerful celebrity in Nairobi County, but as a teenager in the hospitality industry. At an average age, she discovered the ‘adopt a light’, a company that provided lighting in Nairobi. Moreover, the company also provided employment opportunities to many people in Nairobi.

Transform your brand into a business.

From the Friday briefing tv show at KTN to Up-close with Betty at K24, the celebrity Betty Kyalo was able to launch her salon and youtube channel popularly known as Betty Kyalo lately. Ida Odinga among other celebrities was able to celebrate the launch of this famous salon popularly known as Flair by Betty. With Betty sharing the launch of the salon to her viewers, this was no surprise as she turned her brand into a business where she shared the luxurious salon to her viewers.

Use social networks to promote your business.

Interact with your followers face to face, talk to them when they talk to you as etiquette applies in social networks. Most women celebrities in Kenya struggle with this, and it ends up all being personal. However, celebrities like Betty Kyalo know how to interact with their followers. She is known for her smile on the TV screens and most active on twitter thus promoting her brand through the many followers that she has.

Empower and respect your fans.

As a celebrity, after discovering that you have a lot of fans be honest to them and gift them with something unique. Thank your fans as a way of empowering them. Below is a photo of Esther Passaris empowering a young football team by giving out a cheque.

In summary successful women celebrities in Kenya have their fans. And this is their secret towards success. Most of them aspire to build their fans in different ways and facilitate them with social dialogue through different social media platforms. This is because their brands are looking for new customers and at the same time they are looking to make their current fans happy.

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