The growing number in Kenyan Female celebrities something interesting about them and their contribution to the economy.

A growing quantity of research shows that states that miss the mark in addressing gender hurdles are losing on important economic growth. Everyday fearless women and men work to bring positive change to the lives of Kenyans. Some women have taken a broad way and worked hardtop make a better living which has contributed to the growth of the Kenyan economy in a positive way. Below are some of the well-known female celebrities and what they do for a living

Ester passaris– she is the Nairobi women representative born in 20th October 1964 she is a Kenyan social entrepreneur, philanthropist a political figure. She is regarded as one of the most well-known female public figure in Kenyan business.

Through her company, she has signed a deal with the Nairobi city in order to upgrade and maintain the street light pole and enable companies to advertise at a fee.

Betty kyalo– she is a Kenyan well renounce journalist and also works as a businesswoman born in 1989. She owns a beauty parlour called Flairs by Betty which is located at FCB Mihrah building along Lenana road. Besides being the model of success, Betty can also be an example of how any risky any common business can be for friends.

Betty and Susan decided to start up the posh palace since they were two best friends it was one of the most luxurious SPA centers in Kenya but happiness was short, hence their partnership broke apart and the two friends took different paths.

Huddah Monroe– she is an established Kenyan trendsetter born on October 10th 1993 and enjoys over 1.8 million following on social media and as such her position as an awesome influencer and businesswoman cannot be unnoticed. She owns a number of cosmetic product called Huddha cosmetics which are well received in both the Kenyan markets and the international markets and advertised aggressively and strategically on social media.

Lilian Muli – she is a Kenyan female celebrity born on May 4th  1982, she works as a news anchor and owns a venture la modelle which is a luxury unisex salon located at Woodvale groove sound plaza in Westland. 

Joanna kinuthia– she is a beauty vlogger celebrated by Kenyans for makeup technique and skillfulness after she began to appear on YouTube, she is also one of the richest successful Instagram stars from the Kenyan origin she was born on 7th January 1995. She is also well known for quitting her full-time job so as to focus on being a full-time content creator.

She owns a makeup and cosmetic business called Joanna K. cosmetics which has met position review.

By the contributions they make each day to the Kenyan economy there is positive growth and also some people get inspired by their hard work since they are influential 

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