Everything you need to know about women celebrities in Kenya

Women celebrities in Kenya are highly influential people whose actions and what they do are being watched and often emulated by their fans. Some of the women celebrities in Kenya have taken advantage of their prominent status to offer advice to their fans or endorse other important matters like universal health care that is of great benefit to their daily lives. This review seeks to let you know more about what women celebrities have done.

Women celebrities in Kenya have a tremendous influence on the public in the decisions they make. Some women celebrities in Kenya serve in the public health promotions efforts, whereby their influence could bring about positive changes in the public opinion and the health sector. This positive celebrity health effect has been witnessed during this Covid-19 pandemic after Dr.Amakove Wala, announced that she had been tested positive of Covid-19. Below is a photo of Dr.Amakove Wala in isolation after being diagnosed with Covis-19.

Meaning that Kenyan woman celebrity advocacy can lead to the prevention of health behaviors. Women celebrities in Kenya can serve as agents of positive social change, striking out the stigma associated with diseases like HIV/AIDS by giving them information that the public needs to know. On the other hand, the power of women celebrities in Kenya to sway the public opinion in health matters may be of concern because some people may think that they are giving them biased health information.

Therefore it is important as a woman celebrity to give accurate information about health issues. Most women celebrities in Kenya, always positively impact the public.HIV/AIDS advocate Phenny Awiti, for example, has captured public attention through television and newspapers and has raised concerns about the importance of taking ARVS as an HIV patient.

Phenny Awiti, an HIV advocate and activist showing the public how an HIV positive mother can deliver HIV negative babies in the photo below.

With television and social media nowadays it is easier for celebrities to communicate directly with the public and influence their knowledge and behaviors as technology advances day by day. As such, there is a potential opportunity for the Ministry of Health in Kenya to partner with women celebrities in Kenya so that the public may better understand the impact of celebrity involvement in health matters.

Finally, more advertisements in Kenya are using women celebrities to advertise them to the public. It is hoped that the readers of this article will make great use of the information provided in it for their benefit.

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