5 life saving tips for choosing a boyfriend

Choosing a boyfriend can be quite a hustle, especially if you are hoping to one day tie the knot and spend the rest of your life with him. Believe it or not, the rest of your life is a long time. It is not something you want to take lightly.

This article focuses on some of the most important tips to consider when choosing a boyfriend.

5 life saving tips for choosing a boyfriend

  1. Love

You need to ensure that at least you like the guy in question. The kind of like that will grow into love sooner than later. While at it, also ensure the man shares the same feelings. You do not want to sentence yourself or anyone to a loveless relationship.

  • Vision oriented

Liking someone should not blind you to entangle yourself to a man when it’s evident that they have no goals or vision for their future. You need a boyfriend who will push you beyond your limits. A man who you will grow together to achieve your dreams and goals.

  • Good looking

This does not necessarily mean physical attributes. You need a man with a beautiful heart, kind and loving. You are not wrong either if you want a handsome man. Evidence has repeatedly proved that the world is not fair to people who society according to its standards – has labelled ugly. You do not want this fate for your future children!

  • Hardworking

Whether he is working hard or smart, he should be able to provide for both of you. This does not mean that he should be filthy rich, just hardworking. Not to turn to religion but even the Bible views men as kings, heads and providers. This does not mean you quit your job though. You should complement each other.

  • Good sense of humour

It is hard enough surviving these hard times, imagine having to live through it all on a serious note. Humour makes the world go round. Find you a make that can lighten up your day with a joke or two one in a while. This should be a two-way street not pushing all the pressure on him.


Everyone has different tastes when it comes to men. These tips should not limit you but complement your personal preferences as they are universal in one way or another. Otherwise, enjoy choosing and finding your boyfriend!

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