Get to Know how to keep a man of your dreams

Most young ladies look forward to marriage soon. The journey to marriage starts with meeting a man, young or old, who meets a lady’s expectations. This article is about how to keep a man, a mister right, who comes your way at that God-given time. Try it today and see the results.

Get to Know how to keep a man of your dreams.

You have met a man of your dreams. You feel elated as you thank God for the good fortune. But that elation may not last long. Many go that far but end up disappointed. Such a man, when he turns up, could easily move on unless you handle the situation properly. Therefore, learn how to keep a man of your dreams. Here is how to do it. Try it today.

A bird in hand is worth more elsewhere.

You met a man you feel is your best match. You concluded so after testing and finding him worthy. You should be happy. Hold onto him tightly by meeting his expectations. Invest time, energy, and emotions into the relationship. Let your man know you are willing to make the relationship last because of what he is.

Exploit your attributes.  

Let him keep seeing what attracted him in the first place. Maybe he admired your natural beauty, temperament, and habits. He still needs to see the same in you. Let it be so, or else he may begin to think you are an impostor. Learn his strengths and weaknesses. Know how to support the former and cope with the later. Disclose any baggage you may have brought into the relationship.

Dealing with external influences

You live in a society. There are friends and relatives to contend with, and you better know how to handle them. Get to know, like, or tolerate his family, especially the parents. You may not like his friends and vice-versa but they are not necessarily your enemies. There will also be critics and detractors of your relationship. Just know you owe them no apologies or anything else.

How to keep a man of your future

Just remember that you will still need to work hard, if not harder, even if he will be there for you. If you have impressed him, he will want you to settle down in marriage. Do not delay your acceptance. It is not an abomination for you to raise the issue in the first place. Remember, how to keep a man of your dreams is not an art for those who are not determined to achieve their goals.

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