It is a common misconception that intimacy has to be sexual. Intimacy is so much more than sex. Couples who can achieve intimacy without sex tend to last longer than couples whose only form of intimacy is sexual intercourse. Here are other ways you and your partner can be intimate.

Open up to one another.

Sharing each other’s feelings is one way you and your partner can be intimate. There’s nothing more gratifying in a relationship that knowing your partner trusts you, and they can confide in you. Sharing strengthens the bond that both of you have already created, and your relationship will last longer.

Take long walks together.

It can be a simple walk to the park on a cool afternoon or a night walk under the stars. Long walks tend to give some form of clarity, and both of you can talk about so many things. Not just about your relationship, you could talk about life and so much more. You learn so much about your partner, even things you didn’t know!

Do fun activities together.

You and your partner can cook or even bake together. There are some simple joys found in doing small things with your partner. Dancing is also another fun activity that you two can do. Dancing is fun, plus you get to laugh at your partner’s terrible dance moves, or he could laugh at yours too, either is fine.

Try new things together.

A new activity always spices up life. Switching up things is good for relationships, especially long term relationships. You two could pick up a new activity or hobby. It could be as simple as painting to as bizarre as extreme activities like bungee jumping or sky diving. Activities like this will renew that flame that was once there, and you will be closer than ever.

Non-sexual touching.

Holding hands, touching noses, cuddling, back rubs…all these are non-sexual touches that can be intimate. Something as simple as a long hug does more for your partner than expensive gifts will do. Rather than have sex, try this once in a while. Do this silently. You will love it.

We can all agree that relationships can get a bit boring after a while, and just sex doesn’t cut it. These non-sexual forms of intimacy are what will keep your relationship intact and strengthen the bond that you two have. If you are looking to feel that spark again, then try these activities and watch your relationship bloom.

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