Companionship is a necessity in life. We want to experience love and, we want to experience it with the right person by our side. Choosing a boyfriend is vital. The wrong choice can cause trauma and end up affecting our future relationships. Here are some things women tend to overlook when choosing a boyfriend.


Women tend to go for looks while overlooking character. Character is important because the moral values a person holds makes them who they are. You don’t want a partner who yells at the waitress/waiter while on a date. This shows that they lack basic decency.


Partners need to be like-minded. If two people completely differ in their way of thinking, they are likely to argue a lot. The constant bickering is likely to cause more problems in the relationship. A good boyfriend should be one you agree with in most things, and in the case where you don’t, you should be able to come to a consensus.


If you are looking for something long term, then pick a boyfriend whose beliefs align with yours. Be it religion, political affiliation, and life in general. Most people assume these things while under the impression that it is not that big of a deal.


One has to set a clear line on what they can compromise and what they cannot in a relationship. For a relationship to work, both partners have to compromise in one way or another. But there is only so much that one can compromise. If your boyfriend wants you to compromise too much, then you might want to rethink the decision.


Some women mistake insecurity in a man for interest or them wanting to spend more time with you. If a man has a problem if you talk to male friends or go out with your friends, then you should start rethinking whether you want that person in your life because that is going to be a big problem.

Emotional abuse.

This is one factor that may not be very clear to all women. But focus on how this man makes you feel. Is he manipulative? Does he disregard all your emotions? Victimize himself in a situation where you are the victim? If his feelings are on and off, then you should consider not dating the guy.

All these are just but a few of the things that women overlook when getting into a relationship. Toxic relationships can be very damaging, and that is why it is very important to be careful when choosing our partners.

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