Hello there single lady, you probably want your life to become more interesting, and more fulfilling and fun, and you probably think all you need is a boyfriend, but you don’t know how to get him. Well here are some tips on how he should be acting so that you not only choose any random guy but one who is right for you.

  1. He keeps his promises

If there is anything that annoys almost every human being then that should be unfulfilled promises. A true gentleman always keeps his word. This assures you to the fact that he will only make commitments that he intends to keep.

  • He supports you.

Everything about a guy that supports you in every way is good.  He may at times not agree with what you are about to do for various reasons, but he still supports you and pushes you to be a better person. This may either be career-wise or with just any aspirations you have in life. A guy like this is worth keeping.

  • He creates time for you.

At times, men can give you the excuse of being very busy. But picture yourself with a guy who creates time for you. It may be just a few hours to take you out on a date for lunch, or just a few minutes on phone call in between work. These things show a guy who is interested in you and should be kept.

  • He appreciates who you are

As a lady, you should understand that you are beautiful and unique in every way, no one in this world should make you feel less of you. A guy should not want to change anything about you but rather should appreciate you in every way that you were created.

  • He is not jealous.

A guy should trust you and be certain that you also trust him too. He should not be having questions ringing in his mind like whether you checked out a male friend or just had a phone conversation.

  • He is fun and interesting to be around.

One thing about life is that it is very short, probably this sounds cliché but its reality, so why waste it being boring. Choose someone who makes you happy, who makes you excited to talk to them, and most of all who has fun with you. Live life girl.

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