Common Prejudices about how to be Stylish


In society, an individual’s appearance is the key to transmit communication signals about values and even lifestyle. The success of how to be stylish lies in the way the entire society judges it. Different people have a different opinion on this, but here we will majorly talk about common prejudices on stylish by society.

How People’s Prejudices Develop

A prejudice is a negative attitude towards members of a group and can have a strong influence on how people interact with others. The most common features of prejudice include stereotyped and negative feelings against members of a group. Prejudice is based on different factors such as age, sex, religion among others.

Five Common Prejudices

  • Stylish people belong to a certain body type
  • Stylish people always want to go shopping
  • They always have a bad sign as they only think of the fashion and style
  • A good number of stylish people don’t think about their inner beauty but instead the outer one.
  • Stylish people spend a lot of time on maintaining their wardrobe

Style, Fashion Trends and their Effects on Society

Style and fashion is not just an image of reinterpreted good values so that to fulfill some agendas but to be portrayed for society’s appreciation. It’s is a reflection of what we believe and who we are. This industry majorly contributes to society by allowing individual’s creativity and the beliefs to the entire world. Therefore, it is as important as it has the potential to bring different people together to celebrate their individuality.

The Attitude of Youths towards Stylish and Fashion Trends

The truth is that fashion and style are important for everyone not only aged but to even youths. On the other hand, it might completely lead the youngsters (youths) in the wrong direction as they try to adopt the latest style quickly.

How to Reduce Prejudice

  1. Increase contact with members of other social groups
  2. Making people aware of the inconsistencies in their beliefs
  3. Passing laws that require equal treatment for all people


Although it’s important to wear the kind of clothes with different colors that attack for good style, the way you dress shows how well you present yourself in the public. Everyone has a different opinion on your style, this means it actually varies from one person to another. Therefore, it’s you to make the right decision on what you wear and how the entire society will say about it; your dress is often an extension of your personality.

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