Features That Define Women Leadership: 4 Points on Embracing women in new business strategies

Should we place women as corporate leaders? This is a question that is likely to come from men. Traditions have taught that the female kind is weak and only good at inferior roles. Studies have shown strong features that define women’s leadership as having wholesome personalities. They work with their hearts and are people’s oriented.

When embracing new business strategies, it is worth including women at the top. Their personality traits are desirable and bring positive results in organizations. Let us look into the four main points.

Women are gifted listeners

Business is no longer about bulldozing and being the boss where clients and workers only follow instructions. New strategies require a listening and caring manager. Traditions have taught men to be final commanders and women to be active submitters.

A study by the global listening center (GLC) shows women as scanning information well on what is spoken and looking for ways to offer a solution.   GLC study on Hearing

                                    Capturing attention in women. Photo by pexels.com

This natural gift in women can be tapped to bring ripple effects on any business entity.

Multitasking is natural to women

Today’s business requires doing several tasks at the same time. This is an act that men find difficult to do. They’d rather deal with one issue at a time. Women on the other and can handle several issues at the same time.

                                                The art of multitasking – photo from pexels.com

According to a study by bbc.com, men were found to be 77% slower at juggling between tasks than women who stood at 69%. BBC.com Study. Multitasking will help organizations achieve more within a short time.

Women easily share power

Power-sharing is a business strategy that helps organizations grow away from tension. A closed power structure creates timidity and fear across departments. Women have instincts that train children from infancy to adulthood. Part of this training involves allowing children to do the roles of a mother like cooking, buying groceries, cleaning among others.

Subconsciously, women will transfer upbringing skills into organizations. This creates a free environment with good growth opportunities.

Men are not good at raising children and are likely to suffer a closed-door system of leadership.

Women are visionary and perform well during a crisis

Business requires visionary leaders with big dreams. In times of crisis, a leader’s response will either break or make the company. Women are packed with these values and readily exercise them once the opportunity arises.


The power of sharing – photo from pexels.com


the business world is changing and our style must change too. It is time to overcome old views on women and embracing new ones. Women are frontlines and the features that define women’s leadership should be relooked into. Gender is no longer an issue because the female has shown high capabilities of leadership in the new business strategies. Let none be left behind.

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