There is a popular statement that ‘leaders are born not made’. It is more difficult for women to rise to positions of leadership in a male-dominated world. However, follow this closely and you will get valuable tips on how to get to the top position as a lady. The article sheds light on how to be a successful women leader.

                                            Women in Leadership in Kenya

How do you communicate?

To be a successful female leader, you need to be effective in communication. Make good use of- language, (reading and writing), non-verbal communication, listening, etc to make you focused and well understood. Leaders who communicate well give the appropriate guidance, ask questions, seek feedback, are clear and all these lead to success.

Invest in the powerful ‘C’s

 A female leader has to be confident especially in decision making in a male-dominated environment. Know that you may fail along the way, but dare to make those decisions that you believe have a positive impact on your leadership.

                                  The Late Wangari Maathai; Confidence in Leadership

Commitment to your work is key, dedicate yourself to take your leadership to another level, the rest will fall in place. Be caring about your workers, they produce more when the leader is kind and empathetic.

Creativity and innovation are a recipe for success in leadership. Demonstrate it while addressing challenges, planning for better performance, eg change working styles, embrace diversity, etc.

Learn to build character in your employees, learn your staff, and place the right people in the right positions for optimum performance. Be the leader who will nurture, inspire, motivate, coach, and mentor your workers.

Pick what builds your competence in leadership and success will follow.

Take advantage of natural talents.

There are those feminine traits that you can use to make you the best woman leader.

The ability to multi-task; respond simultaneously to different tasks, problems, etc for successful leadership.

The feminine nature of focusing on building and nurturing others. It is not about you; focus on the success of the team. Focus on helping every member of the team to do their best and eventually, a successful team under your leadership will emerge.

                   Team Work Leads to Successful Women Leadership

Use the natural ability to solve problems by getting the right information, assessing it, and making a well-thought conclusion. It can help deal with competition, technological innovations, etc.

Active listening where you listen to the words, voice, and emotions. It helps the leader understand what motivates each individual which makes working more efficient.

Leadership psychology

You need to bring positive energy by giving positive feedback, facial expression, (smile), praises, appreciate good work, etc. Keep your actions and words positive.

Create an environment of trust through, open communication, listening to others, honoring commitments made, accepting mistakes, making connections, etc.

Use emotional intelligence-the ability to understand and manage emotions of self, others, and group. Use relevant skills, eg empathy, motivation, self-awareness to relate well with others, and build team spirit.

Resilience is vital in leadership. At times you will fall, get discouraged, suffer losses, etc. Take it as an opportunity to grow, learn, and be better prepared for the next opportunity.

                                                    Leadership requires Resilience

Bottom line

Success in women’s leadership is about attitude. Ladies need to develop a leader’s attitude; also be patient, persistent, and reach for the desired goals.

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