Having a hard time choosing the right boyfriend? This is how to choose the ideal boyfriend.

It’s a dilemma that almost every woman finds themselves in; that moment when one has to choose the right boyfriend to establish a relationship with. When you finally find yourself in this position, how do you get to choose the ideal boyfriend?

The dilemma

The life of a woman is not without challenges and dilemmas especially in the area of choosing the right man for you. Many have made mistakes in this decisive moment and live to regret.  But there is a way you could choose the right man and forever live at peace. These tips help you navigate this journey.

What to avoid before you choose him

  • Negative personal philosophies: This is where most women fail when it comes to choosing the ideal boyfriend. Personal philosophies guide you in almost every aspect of life. After being hurt and or possibly failed by other men, most women tend to pick up negativity along the way on how men can be bad and not trustable. Do you want an ideal boyfriend? Then you need to drop that negativity.
  • Fear to choose wrong again: Some are positive that things will work out but they simply fear they will not get it right. This again is from past failures. Darling, one mistake is not a sentence to forever wrong!
  • The pressure to choose as your friends: You are unique and unless you accept to live life from that perspective, then you are going to live a very frustrated life. Find you’re what you love in man and avid the pressure to choose a man according to the dictates of your fellow girlfriends. Be your own boss!
  • Being material-oriented: How about thinking beyond the material benefits? Will you be at peace with him? If all he has materially is set aside, would you still love him?
  • Drawing conclusions: Do not draw conclusions on how he feels about you. You will hurt your heart I case the opposite is true; let him make things clear.

Signs he is the ideal man for you

  • He appreciates you for who you are: Your uniqueness and difference you needed and important. The ideal man will accept you for who you really are. He won’t force you to change into something else. You don’t love football and he loves you anyway though he is a fanatical football fun? Then that’s a good man.
  • He keeps his word: One of the most important signs in an ideal man is the one that keeps his promises and if anything comes up and he can’t keep his word, then he ensures you know the reasons and do not give mere excuses.
  • He supports your personal growth: An ideal boyfriend will not only want you for his house but will also want you to grow yourself. He will support you to develop that talent and that passion.
  • An open book to you: Fear and distrust will start the very moment when you start seeing him hiding things from you. An ideal boyfriend will not keep secrets and issues from you because he wants you to be part of his life.
  • Creates time for you: No matter how busy a man is, they will always create time for who and that which they truly love. This is a true sign of commitment. If he can’t create time for you now, what about when he knows he likes you in his house?
  • Trust your conscience: God created a human being with a spirit- the inner you that can sense things even way before they happen. Most people call my conscience. You got to believe that inner voice. If it doesn’t feel right, don’t push it.
  •  He agrees to disagree with you: No one is ever right and from time to time, you will have a different point of view. Go for a boyfriend who will be willing to listen to a dissenting voice.
  • Forgives and lets it go: An ideal boyfriend is the one who forgives issues and refuses to hold them over your head. No one wants to remain like a suspect in a relationship.
  • Gets along with your family: How does he behave in the presence of your family? How does he talk about them after they leave? The right boyfriend will respect your family because they are precious to you.
  • He is willing to introduce you to His friends: If he means to build a future with you, he will be willing to introduce you to his friends and family. Don’t fall for the common lie that his friends are a nuisance.

What he will be looking for in you

  • Your commitment and availability
  • Constant assurance that you truly love him
  • Constantly treating him in a way he truly knows he is the only one
  • Honesty

Now you are equipped and as you explore the world, go get the perfect match for a boyfriend.

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