4 Leadership Lessons Men can Learn From Women

Women have always been in the fore front in terms of leadership. It has well been said that behind every successful man is a woman and how true that we can confidently say too that behind every successful woman is a woman! Women have proven pillars of success right from the family setting through great leadership roles. Men can learn leadership lessons from women.

Nothing good comes without pros and cons and as we learn about this dear world, believers would have you know what a mess the first woman caused the whole mankind race, yet again through the same woman, the generation of man was saved! Not once have many especially men toned down the voice of women in the public, but the fact remains that what is bitter sometimes ends up to be what is the sole remedy of one’s life, you shouldn’t ignore that.

 Look at the examples set, what life has brought men to, and you will trace a hand of some woman. Some have laughed it off that when God made the first man, the second was a better fashion of the first? Is that so? Well, here is why men can learn from women about leadership.

Firstly, women mean what they say and say what they mean. When you do something that you like or one that has shaped you, success would definitely be your reward. The phrase mother has been given to nature, not without reason! You get life from it, because it is living too! Women do what they do because it is in them, and that’s why, what a woman has said could be the final thing you hear.

Secondly, women roles impact not only their place of responsibility but reaches out to the world. The basic needs of men are food, shelter, education and clothing. Women fill in the gaps of all these to ensure the hands of the clock are all running. Isnt it women who first putit in the hearts of their children what a place they have come to and what best they could make of it and make it be?

Women never endevour to take a step on a task whose end is not certain. When a woman decides that something could be done, it only means that there is nothing to loose and all risks taken, fruition is guaranteed. Their planning and laying of tasks in order could be seen in their multitasking, as one has said, “they can handle the laundry and cook while still having a baby on their back!

Lastly and not the least, men are tired of doing the same thing over and over again, while women will work on something on and on until its end is attained. Men tend to lose focus, sad to say mostly by means of women, and leave goals unachieved, yet women wouldn’t leave their goals pending or quit just because some man has brought new ideas, unless these ideas are worth clinging to.

For the world to positively run, for economies to work out, politics to continue and religion to be embraced, men can learn leadership roles from women.

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