The True Definition of Leadership by Women


Women in the twenty-first century, as opposed to the past, have continuously grown in leadership with more of them taking leadership spots in various fields like business and politics. The women in leadership have shown great competence in what they do and have become an inspiration to other women and even men. As time goes on, studies have shown that women have portrayed exemplary attributes of true leadership, like empathy and teamwork (discussed further in the article) that ought to be emulated by other male leaders. This article thus aims at demonstrating true leadership as demonstrated by women leaders.

Below are the attributes of true leadership that have been demonstrated by women leaders.

Willingness to nurture

Women are natural nurturers. This is a gift that has been misjudged over and over again by ignorantly concluding that it is a weakness in women, rather than seeing it for the strength it is. This sense of nurturing has enabled women leaders to be fair and just in their dealings with their people. Through this also, women leaders are able to connect with their people which is important in fostering developments.

Building and leading teams

An example of a woman who has shown this great skill is Julie Gichuru, the CEO of Primus Media, an Independent Director at Acumen Communication Limited, and a Fellow and trustee of the Africa Leadership Initiative EA. Julie is a woman leader who has continuously shown the skill of teamwork through her co-operation with different successful organizations. The women follow their instincts (their strongest traits) in discerning and resolving conflicts that may arise. They also favor teamwork rather than asking individuals to take on large tasks that may overwhelm them.

Not afraid to ask for help

Asking for help is not a sign of weakness, as many may perceive it, but it is actually a sign of strength as it shows a willingness to learn and grow. Women in leadership have portrayed this attribute by humbling themselves and asking for assistance when needed. For instance, Mother Mary Theresa (a missionary that was devoted to helping the poor) was not afraid to ask for assistance in her projects. In fact, in 1950 after winning the Vatican recognition of her new order, she advised the people to be determined but not afraid to ask for help.


How many times have women been looked down upon and accused of weakness or inferiority or inability to lead? Countless. Yet the women in leadership have endured all these accusations and continued to fight for what they believe in. This is not a talent but it is an attribute of true leadership that women leaders have continuously displayed throughout their reign and have been an inspiration to so many other people undergoing the same circumstances.


The above attributes are just a few among the many that have been portrayed by the women in leadership over the years. These women have been and are continuing to be an inspiration to different generations over the years.

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